Why ATA? ATA Gymnastics has something for everyone…the toddler who just learned to walk, the child who wants to learn a cartwheel, the 10 year old who dreams of competing on team, or the adult who wants to regain strength and flexibility.

With all of the gymnastics programs out there, parents need to do their homework in order to determine which gym DESERVES their patronage. We strongly believe that if you choose ATA Gymnastics, we will not only meet, but exceed your expectations. We strive to offer fun and challenging gymnastics classes in a safe, clean, upbeat and family friendly environment. Even more important than providing quality gymnastics instruction, we seek to instill confidence, character and respect in all of our students.

Our primary goal is for all students to build their self-esteem and feel a sense of accomplishment. ATA’s curriculum is structured in a way in which all students can experience success. We offer a building block progression of skills in a structured level program, allowing child and parent to easily recognize the progress of the student. Once a child masters all of the skills within a level, ATA acknowledges this accomplishment by awarding a special certificate signed by the instructor. Beyond the weekly classes, students have numerous opportunities throughout the year to show off what they’ve learned. Whether performing in our Spring show, summer camp performances, Christmas shows or receiving a special ATA award during one of our achievement weeks, all students will feel like a champion.

ATA Gymnastics is set apart from other gyms because it focuses its training on floor gymnastic skills. Many kids begin gymnastics because they want to master a specific skill, such as a cartwheel or back handspring. In most recreational gymnastics programs throughout the country, a typical class is spent on four different pieces of equipment (beam, bars, vault, floor). With so little time being spent on each event, it can be difficult for students to see progress. We firmly believe that concentrated training time on floor skills using state of the art equipment, accelerates the advancement of tumbling and acrobatic skills and progress is recognized more quickly. Progress leads to motivation which leads to more progress!

ATA’s staff is top notch with a wonderful mix of athleticism, experience, and maturity. Our customer service staff will always greet you with a smile and take the time to get to know you. Whether signing up for the first time or stopping by the front desk for the 50th time, our goal is for you to always walk away having had a positive experience. Your children will always be in good hands as all of our coaches are hired first and foremost because they love working with kids. On the technical side, all coaches are ATA Certified and have undergone specific training through Aerial Tumbling and AcroGymnastics. This helps to insure consistency in coaching from one instructor to another. At ATA Gymnastics, we aim to create a warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere where you feel like family!