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If you haven’t heard, ATA Gymnastics is expanding and opening a 2nd location at 1661 Foxworthy Ave San Jose, CA 95124. The state of the art facility will be opening February 3, 2020 and is now accepting new registrations. To read more about the expansion, click here!

Starting January 6th, ATA will be hosting walk-in hours at our new Foxworthy location! Come in and check out the new space & register for a class! 

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Creating a new state of the art facility is hard work! The new location will be a remodel of a former Adult Fitness Center (Retro Fitness). To make the space ATA-ready, we had to make a LOT of changes. Here’s a peek at what’s going on behind the scenes at the new location. 

Hm…that looks like a tight squeeze! When we had our largest mat delivered the supplier recommended “SCOOCHING” it in the door. This was our best attempt at scooching, and Guess What? After pushing, grunting, some bending, and pivoting, it worked! 

Beep, Beep, Beep! Here come all the ATA mats! Get ready for bouncing, tumbling, and unparalleled flexibility! 

This is a true behind the scenes photo! First, the floor needs to be covered with springboard, and then foam mats are placed on top for the ultimate gymnastics experience. 

These may look like wood panels, however, they are springboards! Check out the next photo for a better look.

Each of these black pegs has a spring attached to give the floor its bouncing qualities. That’s a lot of springs! Want to catch some air! Take a look below to see the boards with springs attached.

Bounce, jump, flip! These springs help our gymnasts perfect their moves on the mats.

Painting, cleaning, prepping, oh my!  This wall will surround the floor and be painted ATA blue! 

Our ATA Coaches have been instrumental to the construction of our new location. Here, 3 of our coaches and Recreational Manger Michelle’s daughter (an ATA gymnast) help us install 1 of our 4 Tumbl Trak’s. 

Here’s a look at the floor when it’s almost fully covered with springboard. Next step: MATS!

Our gymnasts need mats and they need lots of them! This is a photo of owners Bob and Pam Meier under a mountain of mats. They’ve been hard at work day in and day out making sure the next ATA location is as wonderful as the first! 

Meet our Acrobatic Gymnastics team “Acro!” athletes.  We are excited and anticipating our new “digs” at ATA Foxworthy in January. With more room to spread out and time to run practice routines before the competition season begins, we are expecting even bigger and better performances. Cheers to a great 2019 and Hurrah and welcome to 2020!

We’re hard at work getting ATA ready for our February 3,  opening. We’re excited to offer the same fun, safe and family friendly environment for children to not only learn gymnastics, but grow in confidence and develop a healthy, active lifestyle.

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