Programs_AcroGymTeam_2014 If you like Gymnastics, you’ll Love Acrobatic Gymnastics!!!

Acrobatic Gymnastics is a relative “new comer” to the gymnastics circuit in the United States. The sport debuted in the US at a competitive level in 1975 and joined with USA Gymnastics in 2002. Rather than using apparatus, gymnasts work with each other to perform balance and flight skills.

Aerial Tumbling and AcroGymnastics has had a competitive acrobatic gymnastics team for the past 13 years, training athletes for local through national and international competitions. Currently ATA has the largest acrobatic gymnastics team in the country.

Athletes perform on an Olympic size spring floor, combining dance, gymnastics skills, and synchronization. There are five events incorporated within the acrobatic gymnastics discipline. The events include women’s pair, men’s pair, mixed pair, women’s group (3), and men’s group (4). Each pair/group performs routines to music featuring engaging choreography, acrobatic and tumbling skills, partner balances, and dynamic (flight) skills.