Progressing at ATA Gymnastics

At ATA it is our goal to create a successful, positive, self esteem building atmosphere for all of our students. We offer a building block progression of skills in a structured level program. We want students and parents to be able to easily monitor the progress that is being made.

At ATA we have five different recreational levels: Introduction to Tumbling, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Power Tumbling (1,2,3). Within each level, there are a number of gymnastics skills that must be mastered before moving onto the next level. We do formal testing once every two months; however, once a student has mastered all of the skills, he or she can be promoted to the next level at any time. Upon promotion, each student will receive a certificate of achievement for the appropriate level. Setting specific goals allows the student to see the progress being made and nothing motivates like progress!

By clicking on the skills below you can see a short video clip showcasing each skill.