State of the art equipment including:

  • Olympic Spring Floor
  • Two 40 foot Open End Tumbl-Traks
  • Overhead Spotting Belts
  • Comfortable Parent Viewing Area
  • Air-Conditioned

What is a Tumbl-Trak?

A Tumbl-Trak is an excellent training device for developing proper tumbling skills for beginner through elite gymnasts. It consists of a long trampoline type bed connected to a heavy steel frame allowing athletes to perform tumbling passes on a springy surface ending their pass on a two foot thick landing mat at the end of the Tumbl-Trak.

The Tumbl-Trak allows our coaches to:

  • Introduce beginning athletes to a gradual acceleration of more difficult skills
  • Motivate students by allowing them to experience early success with skill such as back handsprings, front tucks, etc.
  • Provide variety and fun at all levels of training.

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We would like to invite you to come in and see our facility. Just give us a call or feel free to drop by. We’d love to see you!

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