Adventure Hour: 5 and under

We believe in the benefits of play in developing children’s understanding of the world around them, contemplating new concepts and mastering learned skills. Unstructured play offers preschoolers the opportunity to expand their social and emotional skills like sharing, taking turns and making new friends. This 50 min play time is perfect for busy moms who want a flexible “drop in” schedule, students who aren’t yet ready for a structured class or babies who need a safe exciting new place to crawl and waddle with others their age.

What to Know Before You Go:

  • All Adventure hour participants must have registered online, completed by their parent or guardian. Go to the Event Registration Calendar below and click on the adventure hour day.
  • Open to all ages 5 and under. Children under 3 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.
  • Always check our events calendar for upcoming Adventure hour dates and holiday closures.
  • Have a playgroup or mom’s club? Adventure hour would love to host your group! Please have all guests sign up on the event page below prior to coming in.

Adventure Hour Rules:

We want to make sure that everyone has FUN and stays safe while on the floor.  Here are some rules to follow while playing:

  • All participants must sign in and register at the front desk. Children under 3 must be directly supervised by a registered adult. “You are your child’s safety net!”
  • Participants must follow all ATA gym rules for equipment usage at all times.
  • Listen to ATA coaches and staff at all times.
  • Treat others with RESPECT at all times. (This includes coaches, students, other parents etc.)
  • Help us keep the gym floor a HAPPY space. If your child is upset please exit the floor, calm down and then come back when your child is ready to play again.
  • ATA loves sharing, please encourage your child to share all equipment at all times.
  • We know sharing and taking turns can be hard for preschoolers however if *physical altercations occur, we will ask that your child leave the gym floor immediately and discontinue play for the day.

*ATA has a zero hitting and biting policy. For more information please see our member policies at

  • Help us keep our floor in tip top shape! No food or drinks on the gym floor at any time. Please use the lobby area for snack time. ATA has provided a baby changing station in the women’s restroom for your convenience.