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Progressing at ATA Gymnastics

At ATA it is our goal to create a successful, positive, self esteem building atmosphere for all of our students. We offer a building block progression of skills in a structured level program. We want students and parents to be able to easily monitor the progress that is being made.

At ATA we have five different recreational levels: Introduction to Tumbling, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Power Tumbling (1,2,3). Within each level, there are a number of gymnastics skills that must be mastered before moving onto the next level. We do formal testing once every two months; however, once a student has mastered all of the skills, he or she can be promoted to the next level at any time. Upon promotion, each student will receive a certificate of achievement for the appropriate level. Setting specific goals allows the student to see the progress being made and nothing motivates like progress!

Introduction to Tumbling 4 & 5yrs.

  • Forward roll on incline mat
  • Cartwheel Jump
  • Backward roll on incline mat
  • Lunge kick
  • Handstand with a light spot
  • Table walk 10 steps

Introduction to Tumbling 5-14yrs.

  • Forward roll
  • Cartwheel
  • Backward roll on incline mat
  • Lunge kick
  • Handstand with a light spot
  • Bridge walk 10 steps


  • Standing bridge; Rock up from bridge
  • Backward roll on floor
  • Handstand forward roll
  • Handstand to bridge
  • Running hurdle cartwheel
  • Bridge kickover on incline mat
  • Run, jump, forward roll on incline mat


  • Front limber
  • Back walkover
  • Running Round-off rebound
  • Front handspring over panel mat
  • Dive roll onto incline mat (Tumble Trak)
  • Back Handspring on pacman with light spot


  • Front walkover or Front handspring step out
  • Handstand 180° pirouette
  • Dive roll onto landing mat (Tumble Trak)
  • Front handspring
  • Back Handspring on incline mat
  • Round-off Back Handspring

Power Tumbling 1

  • Back Handspring on floor
  • Round off 2 back handsprings
  • Back tuck on the Tumble Trak
  • Front tuck on the Tumble Trak
  • Handspring dive roll on Tumble Trak
  • Valdez or Back extension roll

Power Tumbling 2

  • Aerial cartwheel
  • Round off back handspring back tuck
  • Handstand 360° pirouette
  • Front tuck on the floor
  • Handspring front tuck on Tumble Trak

Power Tumbling 3

  • Standing back tuck
  • Round off back handspring lay out
  • Aerial walkover or Front pike on the floor
  • Handspring front tuck on the floor